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            • 品質 Quality
            • 誠信Integrity

            • 服務 Service

            • 創新 Innovation

            • 卓越 Excellence




            DONGGUAN TRANYA HARDWARE CO., LTD. as the owner of TRANYA trademark is a leading supplier of cutting tools to the precise manufacturing industries. For more than 12 years, TRANYA Company has committed to manufacturing the highest quality cutting tools possible, offering competitive prices and providing value added customer services.
            We brought in German made five-axis CNC grinding machines which equipped with NUM Flexium control in combination with the NUMROTOplus? software, and also partnered with well-known carbide rod manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland and Japan. We constantly cooperate with world-class coating service providers from Europe. All of these make our product applications range from tool and mold making, mobile phone parts, automotive parts, energy industry, medical engineering to the aerospace industry and all the complex and highly precision parts machining fields.
            Becoming a TRANYA customer means you have a partner who will work hard to provide top quality cutting tools, excellent customer services, and the engineering supports necessary to expand your business.
            TRANYA is a partner you can depend on.

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